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Our Team

We are a team of highly enthusiastic Literacy Specialists and Educational Professionals with over 15 years experience in Special Education!

Each member of our instructional team is a qualified teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching and are specialists in literacy support. We help students develop reading, spelling, and writing skills using expertly structured synthetic phonics programs that are based on the science of reading such as Sounds-Write, Heggerty, UFLI Foundations and Read3.

We provide a supportive, nurturing, and safe learning environment for your child to experience success and grow in confidence. 

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“Children struggling to read aren’t going to be helped by the one-size-fits-all approach that is typical in so many schools. Rather, we need teachers who are trained to use a toolbox of principals that they can apply to different types of children.”  - Maryanne Wolf

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Danielle Barouche

Literacy Specialist

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Educational Psychologist

Yasotha V

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Literacy Specialist

Samantha Kirszner

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